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Psychological and emotional growth

Remapping emotional pathways for wellness in virtual reality

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Solutions for palliative and end of life care

Solutions to comfort, inform, and inspire end of life and long term illness patients and their caregivers

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Tools and training for healing through VR

Using virtual technologies in combination with traditional therapies


What We Provide

We are a wellness company. We develop & design
 applications & tools for
customers around the world.

Research & Development

We research the psychology of behavioral changes and methods that can be used in virtual reality.

Product Design

We build applications for psychological and emotional wellness.

Tools & Training

We offer tools and training to healing practicioners working with patients.

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We are your partners for growth.


Dr. Bruce F. Pither, Ph.D.

President, Past-President, SF Psychological Assoc., 2013-Present

"I highly recommend the workshop for anyone interested in exploring the possible applications of virtual reality as a medium for art therapy."

Amir Ebrahimi

VR Developer

"I've been in the VR industry for over 2 years and have seen many things. The intersection of art therapy with VR had more impact on me than I was expecting. I've never used TiltBrush in the way we did."

Mujeeb Dadgar

VR Art Therapy Workshop Attendee

"I loved experiencing and experimenting with the concept of virtual reality. Definitely looking forward to the next workshop to attend."










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Tools & Training

Meaningful transformations

Get to know NewPathVR—our people, our mission and our approach to creating tranformations that matter to you. See where we are working to help improve care and provide better quality of life.

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