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Tools for Palliative and End of Life Care

Palliative and End of Life Care Tools/"MyGuideVR" app

More than 80 percent of Americans with chronic illnesses would prefer to forego hospitalization, but according to the CDC, 70% (1.7 million each year) of that population dies in a hospital or nursing home. NewPathVR is working on a series of End of Life Care products that focus on psychological comfort care - relieving some sense of burden and anxiety commonly found in people coming to terms with the end of life. The End of Life journey can be a stressful one for patients, loved ones, and practitioners alike. MyGuideVR is an app designed for long-term illness and end of life comfort care. It is a series of immersive VR experiences that reduces anxiety related to death, educates around conditions and options, and empowers the user during this important time of transition. The app helps bridge the conversation between life and death and recognizes the importance of learning how to die and live well.

Learning to Include Everyone

Starfish/Prosocial Inclusion App

The StarfishVR application is a prosocial inclusion app. Each starfish tribe asks the user to hear their story, learn their culture, and eventually return them back to their home in the sea. Built and developed by Sherry Huai-Hsuan Shih, Justin Pass, and RJ Canonigo, the app engages the user with a touching story that has you helping these adorable creatures out of their tough situation and back to their place of belonging. Using psychological themes of altruism and dispelling biases, this app encourages the hopeful spirit in all of us that knows inherently that every being counts equally.

inner criticX
Inner Critic

Self Compassion/"Inner Critic" App

"Inner Critic" is a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) exercise adapted for virtual reality and designed to be equal parts insightful and playful. In this experience, you face your inner critic through a mirror and have the opportunity to self-soothe by catching self-affirming messages packaged in beautiful bubbles sent to you by a magical fairy. Some of the bubbles contain non-verbal gifts such as adorable animals and flowers. You then have the opportunity to pay your new skills forward and help others with their respective inner critics and offer them the guidance that was offered you.