What We Provide

Wellness Through Virtual Reality

The NewPathVR team researches techniques that can be used in virtual reality development that have been proven to change perceptions and behaviors in the real world. Our proprietary library of research is called Active PsychologyTM.

Our experiences are built using Active Psychology, methodology from research based on the past 30 years of virtual reality behavioral science and practical working knowledge of clinical therapy.

NewPathVR provides accredited training courses to caregivers and practicioners who are healing individuals and groups. We specialize in combining traditional therapies and proven methodolgies with modern technologies.


Research & Development

NewPathVR's R&D guiding principles were inspired by this pursuit and designed to reinforce our strategic priorities:

  • Focus on innovative interventions for unmet needs in patients with serious illnesses
  • Pursue test cases that can be validated in the real world
  • Use a "blended learning" approach
  • Focus on return on investment
  • Harness external innovation
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Product Design

NewPath VR creates research-driven virtual reality experiences for emotional wellbeing. The company creates experiences using its proprietary Active Psychology™ platform which is based on psychological research with the goal of evoking positive change through transformative technology.

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Tools and Training

We collaborate with forward-thinking partners and clients to deliver a cohesive blueprint that increase quality of life and therapeutic applications for patients, practicioners, and caregivers. We are presently teaching accredited VR for Psychology continued education courses and VR Art Therapy workshops.

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