VR as a New Medium

Let's talk about SpiritualVR in terms of the new media platform of VR and what it offers in ‘emotional bandwidth’. VR is not just a technology, but also a new type of media.

With each new media form, comes more emotional bandwidth. Take, to begin, the written word. At first, few had access to books and newspapers. In fact, most were illiterate.

When the radio was invented, and we could hear voices, our minds could now pick up on the emotion in those voices and more of our imagination was captured.

Further, when television added imagery and context to the scenes and situations, the subconscious was now activated in ways it hadn't been before.

VR is the most powerful medium so far, by far. VR contains more information, more emotion, and has a bigger effect on your subconscious than any other media.

Here's why. VR is a fully immersive 3D virtual environment. Because so much of your mind is engaged, one feels as though the experience is real. The sense that the virtual environment is real, is called ‘presence’ or ‘telepresence’.

Emotional bandwidth reaches a new level within the VR experience, in part because we can bend time and space in ways we cannot in the real world, and also because we can be intentional about how we use those spaces.

Here's more about how we're creating in the virtual environments.


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