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NewPathVR is a virtual reality content and publishing company based in San Francisco, CA. We specialize in virtual reality experiences that present proven, creative and conscious ways of transforming the individual and the world.

Why spirituality and meditation?

We focus on spiritual and meditation content because those topics resonate with a wide audience. The meditation space is booming, take a look at the hundreds of meditation apps available today. Our experiences will be even more amazing in VR and still offer the health benefits of meditation, personal empowerment, and self-visualization, all shown to hold great promise in the powerful medium of VR because of the leap in emotional bandwidth that this new media holds.

Will you handle all aspects of the publishing process for me?

Every project is different. We assess your needs and desires on a case-by-case basis.

However, we can manage every aspect of the publishing process for you and collaborate along the way; concept, storyboarding, planning, production, licensing negotiation, editing, distribution, marketing, PR, and event management. Most importantly - we do all of this for a minimal investment on your part while you retain all rights and ownership to your content and in all work that we create on your behalf.

Whether an experience for one headset, a one-time event or an ongoing distribution strategy, our team includes decades of marketing and award-winning publishing experience.

I previously published my title/experience elsewhere. Can I switch to NewPathVR?

Absolutely - let’s talk. Most times you are free to distribute your content wherever you wish. NewPathVR is the door to a number of new media channels in the virtual reality space.

Where are you located? Can I visit your offices?

We are located in San Francisco, CA and we love visits from partners. Simply let us know what day you would like to come for a visit and we will arrange an appointment.

To explore publishing opportunities, please contact us.

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