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NewPathVR aspires to be the best wellness VR company. Achieving this goal starts with building the world's premier R&D organization. NewPathVR's R&D Guiding Principles were inspired by this pursuit and designed to reinforce our strategic priorities.

Focus on innovative interventions for unmet needs in patients with serious illnesses. While NewPathVR is always pursuing new opportunities and adapting to challenges, we retain an enduring commitment to the same mission. That mission is to enhance the quality of life for patients facing serious illness and declining health.

Pursue test cases that can be validated in the real world. We believe we are on the threshold of a revolution in science in which population genetics will help to reveal new targets that clearly drive disease risk in humans. By focusing on targets supported by human genetics or other lasting evidence, we aim to increase our clinical success rates, increase technology trust and adoption, and lower the cost of delivering solutions to patients as we understand them better.

Use a "blended learning" approach. NewPathVR pursues an "intergrated" or "blended" learning approach to its R&D. We strive to select targets based on a deep understanding of psychosocial profile, and then choose the application and frequency, best suited to the target. We recognize our strength in psychology and the higher clinical success rates for psychological applications. We also maintain a broad toolkit of modalities, including art and similar therapies, in order to have the right tool for any target we pursue.

Focus on return on investment and operational efficiency. To maximize the value of NewPathVR's R&D investment, we focus resources on programs that offer a large effect size and more likelihood of success. We maximize the value of lower-priority initiatives by partnering. NewPathVR also strives to continually identify operational efficiencies, such as reduced development times, leaner test trials, and centralized reviews.

Harness external innovation. At NewPathVR, we pursue great innovation wherever we can find it, and parts of our research come from collaborations with other schools and healthcare institutions. We honor this synergy between in-house and external innovation.

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