Well-Being Through VR

The NewPathVR team creates immersive virtual reality for personal development and emotional wellness for multiple platforms including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. NewPathVR’s productions built with our proprietary Active PsychologyTM platform stem from 30 years of virtual reality research and working practice knowledge.

NewPathVR experiences provide innovative, conscientious wellness solutions for end users as well as Corporate Wellness, Hospice, Long-Term Care, Therapists, Hospitals and Clinics. Our first applications include Self Compassion, Stress Relief and End of Life. 

inner criticSelf Compassion

Research tells us that the majority of our self-talk is negative. On average, we are working against ourselves, we literally are our worst enemy. But this can change. "Inner Critic" is a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) exercise adapted for virtual reality as a game. In this experience, you face your inner critic through a mirror, where they give you several bad messages that you replace with good messages which are received from a magical character who sends them in beautiful bubbles which you catch. Some of the bubbles contain cute gifts such as adorable stuffed animals and pets. You then have the opportunity to pay your new skills forward and help others with their respective inner critics and give them their own good messages, bringing harmony and happiness to all. Generosity in VR impacts our users in the real world and has longer lasting effects on their mood. It builds confidence and self-love. This was the main theme in our development of this CBT framework which has applications for the workplace negotiation skills development, women's self-confidence, bullying and other applications. Read more about our prototype process from NewPathVR's CTO, Eiran Shalev.

starfish vrStress Relief

The Starfish VR application is a prosocial stress relief app designed around a story about a girl on the beach with many different kinds of starfish who are stranded there. The goal is to send the starfish back to their sea habitat. Each type of starfish requires a different skill in order to return the starfish back to their home. The activities encourage stress relief and a sense of good doing, both of which translate back into the user's real world. Built by Sherry Huai-Hsuan Shih, Justin Pass, and RJ Canonigo, the app engages the user with compelling characters and a story that tugs on the heartstrings and has you helping these adorable creatures out of their tough situation and back to their happy homes and feeling satisfied with the good deeds you've accomplished. Conceived by the psychology team at NewPathVR, this app follows the popular zen lesson of the hopeful spirit in all of us that knows inherently that every effort helps the world and that every being counts equally.

choicesEnd of Life

More than 80 percent of Americans with chronic illnesses would prefer to forego hospitalization, but according to the CDC, 70 percent (1.7 million each year) of that population dies in a hospital or nursing home. "Choices" is one in a series of VR products for long-term home care and hospice agencies to increase the quality of life especially for those at the end of life. This app offers "choices" of who and what you want to be surrounded with at the end of your life. 

Active Psychology

NewPathVR's core differentiator is the proprietary Active Psychology library of scientifically proven methods one can use in virtual reality to change behaviors. We have spent over a year compiling the research into a platform we now use in the development of our applications, and with our partners, with the goal of extending it to all VR/AR developers one day.

We collect analytics each time an instance of a product is used and add this to the database. The data is used to analyze the immersive behavioral data and feed the results back to the Active Psychology platform to use in the development of new applications. When matched with biometric devices more readily available each day, this emotional intelligence data becomes a powerful marriage in aiding people with the management and practice of emotional regulation and soft skills building. These benefit many aspects of life, from personal development to interpersonal relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and others. 

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