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team lisaLisa Padilla

Lisa Padilla is CEO of NewPathVR, a VR company specializing in spiritual experiences in virtual reality. A long-time marketer and advertising professional, she has worked in a wide variety of industries and is strongly focused on multimedia, marketing, and product strategy. Lisa's early career started at advertising agencies Foote, Cone & Belding and Euro RSCG. She studied multimedia at Academy of Art, worked on Apple's first social network called eWorld. Lisa worked at AOL/Netscape, where she oversaw implementation of sponsorship and advertising programs, and also integrated content for news, business, and sports channels. She has worked directly with Apple, Intuit, Hewlett-Packard, LEVIs, and many startups over the years including two of her own previous to NewPathVR.

team eiran

Eiran Shalev

Eiran Shalev is an experienced technical, hands-on leader with 18 years of professional expertise overseeing top teams on mobile, social, and web technologies for products ranging from multi-player mobile & social games, to streaming video ads to interactive television and more. He comes from Disney Interactive, where he established the technical vision, and helped to scale and deliver Disney’s mobile technology platform to all game studios. Before that, he spent time at Koolbit, Kabam, and RockYou! He has built more than 50 games. He joins NewPathVR as CTO.

team kristina

Kristina Suhr Olsen

Kristina Suhr Olsen is a masters student and researcher in the areas of psychology. Previously she has worked with adults and youth and their families struggling with alcohol, narcotic, and sexual addiction. She has also spent time as a psychological counselor improving health and mental conditions for those dealing with stress at companies in Denmark. She was a volunteer group leader for an association of people diagnosed with anxiety disorders, offering treatment and prevention and activities. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Copenhagen and is presently serving as VP of Research and Development with NewPathVR in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Lisa Winter

Lisa Winter is a seasoned, innovative product leader with years of professional experience working with both enterprise and startup teams to create and deploy web and mobile software within varied industries such as digital payments, ecommerce, security, telecom, and insurance. Among the many Fortune 500 companies she's worked for are Wells Fargo, Silicon Valley Bank, Visa, Walmart.com, Clorox, McAfee Security, AT&T,  and Autodesk. In addition, she continues to advise startups within the H/F (Hackers & Founders) portfolios. With a BS in Management Information Systems and a hands-on background in UI/UX design, she's passionate about designing and building products that deliver great user experiences and truly serve the customer. A lifelong curiosity and fascination with new technologies has led her to the emerging field of Virtual Reality. She joins NewPathVR as Director of Growth and Business Development..


team fred

Fred Davis

Fred Davis is an experienced entrepreneur, technology pioneer, and public speaker. He has played a part in the tech industry for over 30 years, and has been hailed as a technology visionary for pioneering and predicting many innovations and industry trends. Fred played an instrumental role as part of the startup team in two multi-billion dollar startups, CNET and Ask Jeeves (now Ask.com). Fred was also one of the founding team members at Wired magazine, winner of numerous publishing awards. He's written 14 books about computers and technology, including the first book on Desktop Publishing, and the award-winning Windows Bible series. One of the founders of the Ziff-Davis computer publishing division, Fred served as editor of several of the world’s leading computer publications, including PC Magazine, PC Week, A+, and MacUser, and ran all of the industry-leading product testing labs at those publications. Today, Fred is working with a number of startups, and is a mentor at UploadVR and Runway incubator. He is especially interested in virtual reality and has been a VR advocate for many years.



Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble is a blogger, technical evangelist, and author. He currently works for Upload VR — a new media site covering virtual and augmented reality — as its entrepreneur in residence, where he develops new shows, events, and works with other entrepreneurs in the Upload Collective, a co-working space for virtual reality-focused startups. He is best known for his blog, Scobleizer, which came to prominence during his tenure as a technology evangelist at Microsoft. He later worked for Fast Company as a video blogger, and then Rackspace and the Rackspace sponsored community site Building 43 promoting breakthrough technology and startups.


Alison Raby

Alison Raby is co-founder, CTO and Chief Alchemist of Wisdompreneurs, and heads two businesses that she created over a decade ago: Mariposa Search, a retained executive search firm with a dedication to diversity, inclusion, and socially-conscious business; and LifeBeforeDeath, which provides seminars, individual guidance, and resources for personal development and the cultivation of increased aliveness. Her own wisdom practice began at 17 and includes a focus of nearly twenty years studying and teaching Gestalt Awareness Practice in the Bay Area and at Esalen Institute. She co-founded and administered the first degree-granting holistic health program in the United States and is a licensed Professional Development Counselor. She serves on the board of Wisdom 2.0 Women and chairs one of the Bay Area’s largest association of search professionals.


Chris Heuer

Chris Heuer is a serial entrepreneur and consultant. His work with Deloitte gained national and global leadership respect. Chris is founder and chairman of the Social Media Club from idea, to blog, to global organization, he shepherded this grass roots organization of social media professionals to over 300 local chapters around the world on every continent except Antartica. In so doing, he created a brand that is synonymous with ethical behaviour, openness, sharing of knowledge and media literacy. He is also a Wearable World Mentor in Residence where advises startups on engagement strategy, customer experience and product innovation. Chris is a Member of the Advisory Board of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association focused on saving lives and helping survivors live more fulfilling lives and sharing knowledge about heart and brain health.

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