NewPath Online Help

Terms of Service

The Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and Regulations enacted thereunder, require health care providers to ensure the privacy of their patient's protected health information (PHI). This confidentiality agreement outlines NewPath Online Helps' policies regarding maintaining the privacy of patient and user information.

This policy applies to all instructors, interns, students, volunteers, and participants using the Doxy.Me/NewPath Online Help account.

As an instructor, intern, student, volunteer, or other participants of NewPath Online Help services provided by NewPathVR, Inc., I understand/ agree to the following:

  • All patient information and interactions are strictly confidential. This includes (but is not limited to) the patient's name, diagnosis, treatments, medications, medical records, and any descriptive information that could identify the patient.
  • I will not discuss, disclose, or disburse any confidential patient information with anyone unrelated to the patient's continuity of care.
  • I understand that it is not appropriate to discuss the patient's care and treatment in public places (including social media).
    I will keep confidential any conversations I hold with any participant or health care provider during the course of the
  • observation experience.
    I will immediately report any breach of confidentiality to NewPathVR, Inc.
    I understand that this session may be recorded for educational and/or promotional purposes, and by participating in this session, am giving my consent to be recorded. Any patient has the right to refuse observation.
    Regarding my participation as a student/observer of NewPathVR, Inc., I indemnify NewPathVR, Inc. and hold harmless its subsidiaries, representatives, agents, and employees from liability, which may result from my participation. I will not bring nor cause to be brought on my behalf any legal action against NewPathVR, Inc.