NewPathVR Youth Program

Serving the community youth with virtual reality creative expression and learning

VR Youth Program Delivers Learning and Expression

Last updated 2/8/2019

We are excited to partner with organizations for NewPathVR’s VR Youth Program (VRYP). At its core, the VRYP yields to the emergent ideas in immersive digital behavioral therapeutics. As such, the curatorial directions of the program hold a high standard to age-appropriateness, are responsive, and ever-changing. In tandem with this strategic stance, the program seeks partners aligned with values of relevance, transformation, and innovation. Work that is nuanced and self-aware of the ways in which it is contextualized by and gives context to social, political, economic or environmental issues and phenomena are strong fits for the program.

Daily/Multi-Week Sessions Available

This Daily or multi-week session Virtual Reality course is designed for youth ages 13 and exposes participants to positive art, music, play, travel, exploration, self-care and educational VR experiences guided by experts in the psychological benefits of this remarkable new technology.

Each session includes 2-3 hours of instruction and guidance as participants experience NewPathVR-approved family-friendly virtual reality themes surrounding personal and emotional development, trauma work, relaxation, freedom of expression, and fun.

VR is an incredible therapeutic tool for young expressive minds and those who have experienced some trauma of some sort in their lives. Research has shown promising results for applications in mental health and wellness and the use of virtual reality in these areas. There are hundreds of VR apps already on the market for health and wellness. NewPathVR, with a team of clinical experts, has curated the best of these apps and uses them to educate the community about the benefits of VR for emotional wellness.


Worksheet handouts to sketch and storyboard what participants will experience in 3D.

Custom combination of these following and other experiences, along with curated exercises depending on age and demographics:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Games
  • Storytelling
  • Positive Visualization
  • Inner-Child Work

VR Youth Program 8-WEEK SCHEDULE

13-14 Years of Age

Week 1 - Art, Artists, Art Creation experiences
Week 2 - Music, Music Creation experiences
Week 3 - Travel the world and space experiences
Week 4 - Play, G-rated, non-violent game exploration
Week 5 - Embodiment experiences
Week 6 - Positive Visualization experiences for self-confidence
Week 7 - Advanced art
Week 8 - Free Play, integration and group feedback

15 Years of Age

Week 1 - Music, Music Creation experiences
Week 2 - Art, Artists, Art Creation experiences
Week 3 - Embodiment experiences
Week 4 - Travel the world and space experiences
Week 5 - Positive Visualization experiences for self-confidence
Week 6 - Create Your Own Story I (participants bring in meaningful pictures or symbols and create a scene)
Week 7 - Create Your Own Story II (we create an experience that we turn into video/images)
Week 8 - Free play, integration, and group feedback

We have the equipment and people to handle 15-25 participants over the course of 2-4 hours per session.

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