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The Virtuous Reality Manifesto

A Virtuous Reality strives to co-create whole, integrated, collaborative communities through radical honesty, love, and acceptance, rather than be slave to broken, competitive, and foul systems.

A Virtuous Reality is fueled by the resurgence of a collective moral imagination a la Russell Kirk - the “uniquely human ability to conceive of fellow humanity as moral beings and as persons, not as objects whose value rests in utility or usefulness” - and core concepts of Buddhist Economics, a system of economics highly critical of free markets and deeply invested in equity, sustainability, and right living.

A Virtuous Reality is one where we have all learned and are granted opportunities to practice discernment - the wisdom to make broad-sighted, well-informed, consented choices and the self-assuredness to determine what truly matters and what does not.

A Virtuous Reality wanders far beyond the borders of the self-contained sandbox and reaches into the elaborate web of actualized possibilities, realities in both analog and virtual, and dimensions of our unconscious psyches, most of which we accept we may never come to know but grateful still for the mere ability to recognize the complexity and depth of our collective tapestry.

A Virtuous Reality holds faith in our collective and individual self-healing intelligence. The biohackers, life coaches, spiritual techies, festival tribes, microdosers, consciousness hackers, the curious and hungry souls - all driven by a shared belief that within us all is a guiding north star - an intuitive wisdom that can perceive ethics and truths if only we allow ourselves to listen and embody.

A Virtuous Reality leaves space for the act of questioning because truths aren’t meant to last indefinitely without re-examination. All truths, individual and collective, are free to be renewed regularly because as ever-evolving creatures, our collective truths invariably evolve alongside us.

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