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Expand Salon

Buy tickets here or pay cash at the door:
(now $35 general admission / $25 for ages 55 )

Venue will be emailed to registered attendees the day of the event!

Expand Salon Tickets

Expand Salon, an intimate and immersive consciousness expanding gathering on December 22nd, 2017.

What you can expect:

Learn and Dialogue:

  • Moderator (Dr. Michelle Wang, PsyD), with John Gilmore (MAPS), Andrea Brooks (Founder and CEO of Sava), Stephen Gelberg (Harvard Divinity School/Author of Sacred Synergy), Heidi Groshelle (Ingrid Marketing), Gina Golden (CEO of Golden Goddess Botanicals), and Micah James Zayner (Founder of Proper Dose) discussing the mind-expanding self-healing potential of 3 non-pharmacological medicines in symbiosis: cannabis, music, and virtual reality. There will be a Q&A discussion.

Speaker bios

Experience and Embody:

  • 5 VR booths set up with a wide range of awe-evoking, completely immersive VR experiences pre-loaded and ready.
  • A silent disco party with a live DJ Goz (aka Michael Gosney) with 3 music stations ranging from electronic to psychedelic rock to tribal beats. 
  • Edibles and concentrates will be available throughout the evening from Sava, Golden Goddess Botanicals, Somatik, Atlas, and Little Green Bee. There will also be a cooking demo from Proper Dose.

Please be mindful that this event is intended to be an enhancing and expanding experience, which is often achievable through small doses of cannabis. We’d miss much of the subtleties of our experience if we were overmedicated. For those new to cannabis, we will work with you to determine the right strain and right dose.

What Might I Learn?

  • The powerful healing potential of VR, cannabis, and music
  • How to induce elevated states of consciousness
  • How to embody emotions, sensations, ineffable experiences
  • How to create space for parts of us that still requires healing
  • How to integrate insight accumulated during elevated states into practical day-to-day experiences

Requirements You must be aged 21 , be a California resident and possess a medical marijuana card in California*. Please bring your CA identification to the event. No prior experience or knowledge in either cannabis or virtual reality use are required. The only thing you will need is an imagination and an open mind! Important notes: There will be NO sales of marijuana at this event.

Smoking is not allowed on premises. Cannabis products may be consumed in concentrate or edible form. Selected sponsors will be providing THC and CBD samples to attendees.

Location will be disclosed to registered attendees within 24 hours of the event. If you have any questions for us please contact Michelle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

* If you would like to obtain a medical marijuana license before the event, you may be able to do so through https://www.eaze.md

Buy tickets here or pay cash at the door:
(now $35 general admission / $25 for ages 55 )

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