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Make the World Your Canvas with Virtual Reality

In recognition of Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, observed annually on January 31st, NewPathVR is launching a Monthly Art Campaign to showcase the powerful capabilities of art therapy in virtual reality. Art therapy is integral to the company and is used in workshops and programs, including the recent Explore Tech Event, and a current partnership with Tech in The Tenderloin, which delivers an 8-week Youth VR Program to the Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco.

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day encourages individuals to explore and immerse themselves in the power of different art forms. The ability of art, especially that produced with VR, to help express, visualize and understand emotions is the inspiration behind the Monthly Art Campaign. CEO of NewPathVR, Lisa Padilla explains “We often think of our emotions as our identity. When we say “I am angry.” or “I am anxious.” When, in actuality, feelings are temporary and they change and pass. VR art therapy allows people to externalize a feeling through art and by doing this, they can begin to observe and address it with a different perspective. National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day is a perfect day to launch our campaign to bring awareness to innovative therapeutic tools like VR.”

Padilla is at the core of this initiative, and has over 25 years of experience as a multimedia artist, specializing in VR. Her works have been globally recognized and featured in art shows, magazines and the Journal of Contemporary Painting. Reflecting on the piece she has produced for the January Campaign, she says “I took January’s piece as a challenge to express the concept of ‘anxiety’ and while colorful and exciting, as ‘good’ anxiety can be, this representation shows sharp edges which also reflect how unapproachable I feel when I’m in that state.”

About NewPathVR
NewPathVR is the creator of digital behavioral health applications in virtual reality. With an aim to evoke positive change through conscious technology, the company uses research-based methods from its proprietary Active PsychologyTM library to create wellness applications for VR. They also teach accredited courses in VR Psychology and power the world’s first VR wellness portal - RenewVR.com.


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